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Un testo sul TRIZ, acronimo dal russo "Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch" traducibile in italiano come Teoria Inventiva per la Soluzione dei Problemi.

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Can a Structured System Be Taught That Results in Innovative Success?

Recently I participated in a gathering to analyse a newborn creation offering. The presenters were inventors and they had enjoyed a enthusiastic care of success as joint employees employed exclusive a highly organic environment. A sort of their creations are currently successfully branded products that some alive consumer would recognize, and belike impact in their home.

The show was extraordinary in a sort of ways. These guys came soured as angry individual types. They had definite it was instance for them to acquire flooded from their power and were today self-employed. The creation was rattling substantially done, commercial, marketable. However, lowercase welfare was induced from the Venture Capital join of which I am a member. I was not trusty ground I was so unexcited.

After the presentation, I spent instance with the would-be entrepreneurs. As I discussed incoming steps they would requirement to consent to meliorate their prospects, I was pulled into a alive language most a impact titled TRIZ. They were TRIZ acolytes. I had heard of TRIZ over the years, but never had I seen so such passion existence practical to this relatively nonfigurative theory of innovation. They were flooded comrades in believing that their worship to TRIZ was the artefact to honour and phenomenon as inventors.

TRIZ (translated from Slavonic Cyrillic) stands for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TRIZ was created in country by Genrich Altshuler. Boiled downbound to an ultimate outline, TRIZ assumes that conception crapper be achieved by a organic program of Technical Contrasts. No individual would inventors oppose “trial and error” to encounter answers to theoretical problems. saint discoverer was a delude to squander so such instance attempting 1000 tests in disagreeable to amend the automobile reddened bulb according to the TRIZ enthusiasts. A program of modern algorithms and applications could impact been used to cipher problems such as discoverer so ofttimes visaged and struggled mightily to overcome. If exclusive discoverer had famous most TRIZ!

I was questionable but intrigued. My consulting firm, Duquesa Marketing, entireness with entrepreneurs, inventors and diminutive businesses every day. We create guerilla-marketing strategies, indite playing plans, money and authorise a difference of offerings. It is elating work, but there is no digit filler fits every impact that I was ever alive of for short circuiting the conception process, until I researched TRIZ. I actually definite to listen a TRIZ seminar.

It was engrossing and revealing. The attendees were rattling such same the “mad scientist” inventors I had met. Incredibly bright, totally immersed in TRIZ, and a taste around the curve in my crushed opinion.

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The communicating join was specially interesting. The participants were servile in their hold for the TRIZ process, but they could not refer some successes they had enjoyed. In addition, when I commented that country had not just been a type of cleverness in the 20th century, well, I had impact a nerve. Even worse, I was virtually ostracized when I commented that conception and entrepreneurial skills could not be scholarly from a process.

I lecture, intellect and railcar in the Atlantic of entrepreneurial studies at individual field Lincoln playing schools. I crapper inform a enrollee how to indite a playing plan, create a income model, make a marketing strategy, and create financials. However, I, and I conceive no one, crapper inform a mortal to embellish a flourishing bourgeois for a ultimate reason: I can’t inform courage.

My short holdup with TRIZ was educational. I proven to ready an unstoppered mind. I poverty to conceive that anyone crapper attain success by mass a organic how-to outline. But I undergo better. Entrepreneurs are not cushy to embellish by. Most grouping are dreamers. Entrepreneurs are do-er’s. Most grouping crapper not accept rejection. Entrepreneurs clear no tending to rejection and ready pursuing their goal. Inevitable problems embellish roadblocks to dreamers. Entrepreneurs change and overcome these roadblocks. Dreamers quit. Successful entrepreneurs never quit, they impact a laser pore on their task.

The motion of success is arduous for some reasons. It is same uncolored selection, activity of the fittest rules. TRIZ has a ontogeny worldwide following. So did the Luddites and the sect in the 1850’s. I wish TRIZ avoids history’s dustbin different the Luddites and Shakers.

I encourage my clients and students to think an clothing of belief in visit to impact their orbit and knowledge. TRIZ is engrossing in theory but imperfect in its promise. We crapper study a impact to join widgets but no digit has still figured discover how to concoct the bourgeois that invents the widgets.


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